30 de jan. de 2015

Mojo - Brain Damage (Psychedelic Rock)

The latest free CD from the December, 2014 issue of MOJO is subtitled “A Compendium Of Mind-Blowing Heavy Psych, Space Jams & Astral Chants.” Do you really need a hard sell? If The Coffin Daggers’ cool version of Pink Floyd’s “Interstellar Overdrive” (below) doesn’t seal the deal, nothing will. This one’s a keeper. Find all 152 of MOJO‘s freebie CDs, HERE.

THE COFFIN DAGGERS Interstellar Overdrive (8:33)
PONTIAK Ghosts (3:18)
ANTHROPROPHH Crow With Sore Throat (2:50)
FOXYGEN Star Power II: Star Power Nite (2:14)
THE WYTCHES Digsaw (3:19)
GOAT Gathering Of Ancient Tribes (6:13)
DEAD SKELETONS Dead Mantra (4:27)
GNOD Visions Of Load (8:25)
HOOKWORMS On Leaving (6:00)
HILLS Master Sleeps (8:54)
LAY LLAMAS We Are You (7:18)
WHITE MANNA Acid Head (7:21)
THEE OH SEES (Featuring Chris Woodhouse) Penetrating Eye (3:17)
ELECTRIC WIZARD Sadiowitch (4:08)

28 de jan. de 2015

Uncut - Eclipsed

15 tracks of the best new music, including Caribou, Mark Lanegan, Philip Selway, Vashti Bunyan, The Durutti Column, Lucinda Williams and Foxygen

01 Jesse Winchester - Ghosts 4:42
02 Steve Gunn - Milly's Garden 5:34
03 Ex Hex - Waterfall 2:06
04 Chris Forsyth and The Solar Motel Band - I Ain't Waiting 5:14
05 Philip Selway - Coming Up for Air 3:41
06 Lucinda Williams - Burning Bridges 4:49
07 Vashti Bunyan - Across the Water 3:48
08 Foxygen - How Can You Really 3:36
09 Mark Lanegan Band - Floor of the Ocean 4:53
10 Martin Duffy - Snowbound 3:13
11 Mark Olson - Poison Oleander 3:52
12 Frazey Ford - September Fields 3:28
13 The Durutti Column - Free From All the Chaos 5:36
14 Caribou - Can't Do Without You 3:57
15 Weyes Blood - Some Winters 6:12

25 de jan. de 2015

Texas Harmonica Rumble

Para quem gosta da gaitinha bem chorosa...

15 de jan. de 2015

Larry Jon Wilson

Larry Jon Wilson (October 7, 1940 – June 21, 2010) was an American country singer, guitarist and musician. He recorded "Through the Eyes of Little Children" and "I Betcha Heaven's on a Dirt Road". orn in Swainsboro, Georgia, Wilson picked up the guitar and taught himself how to play. In 1975, he released his debut album New Beginnings. Three more albums on the Monument record label imprint of CBS Records followed, Let Me Sing My Song to You (1976), Loose Change (1977), and The Sojourner (1979). 

Despite Wilson's accolades and fans, no hit record emerged. Wilson left the music industry in 1980. He returned in the late 1980s when other songwriters encouraged him to attend the Frank Brown International Songwriter's Festival in Perdido Key, Florida. He began touring again in 1989, and by 2003 still accepted occasional engagements. Wilson remained devoted to his music, rather than to the marketplace. Wilson appears in the documentary film Heartworn Highways recorded 1975–1976, where he is filmed recording the song "Ohoopee River Bottomland". In 2008, Sony BMG released a new Wilson album, after a thirty year hiatus from recording. In 2009, Drag City re-released the album in the US. 

Wilson died, following a stroke in June 2010, at the age of 69.

10 de jan. de 2015

Harmonica Shah - The Detroit Sessions

Harmonica Shah (born Thaddeus Hall, March 31, 1946, Oakland, California) is an American Detroit and electric blues harmonicist and singer.[1][2] His playing was influenced by Junior Wells, Jimmy Reed, Little Walter, Lazy Lester, and Little Sonny. Born in California, Shah also spent time in Somerville, Texas, with his blues harmonica and guitar playing grandfather, Sam Dawson. Dawson had recorded for both Alan Lomax and Duke Records.His mother, a beautician, encouraged him to be a salesman for Jet magazine in the latter part of the 1950s. This allowed Shah access to Oakland's bars and clubs, where he heard musicians such as Lowell Fulson, Jimmy McCracklin, Juke Boy Bonner and Big Mama Thornton.

Shah told Living Blues magazine that his grandfather's passion for the blues inspired him. "Well see I picked it up from him, he'd be out in the fields singin' all that (sings in a slow moan) 'Tell me how long, whoa, tell me how long it's been since you've been away from home' Well, that's raw! That's a big damn difference from 'Good Golly Miss Molly'". He moved to Detroit in 1967, and worked for Ford Motors for fifteen years. Shah bought himself a cheap harmonica in 1976 and, while operating as a taxicab driver, Shah was introduced to local blues jam sessions. "Hell, that was it, no turning back then", Shah recalled.

He has toured across the United States, as well as in Europe, Russia, Japan and Australia. Closer to his roots, Shah still occasionally performs for free at John's Carpet House in East Detroit. He legally changed his birth name to Seward Shah.

Harmonica Shah – That’s Raw The Detroit Sessions Volume One (feat. Howard Glazer)

Harmonica Shah – Raw and Acoustic The Detroit Sessions Volume Two (feat. Howard Glazer) 

5 de jan. de 2015

Buddy Miles - Direto do Baú do Dead

21 DE JUN DE 2011

Buddy Miles "Roadrunner" (rare rip)

"Please note: This image is a general representation of the album cover, but the actual product may differ slightly in terms of color shading, logo placement, borders, or other small details. If the item offered is a used, second-hand item, please note that there may be some cosmetic differences as well."

Um dos ombudsmans desta alcatéia, o irmãozinho Celso Loos me acorda um dia gritando na porta da caverna:

"Dead que porra de disco é esse que nem na discografia do cara aparece?????"

Cara, como tem maluco nessa floresta....os caras nem dormem direito e ainda não deixam os que vivem mais a noite cochilar um pouco (apesar que já passava do meio dia eu acho, afinal lobos não usam relógio) e ainda por cima encanam com uma coisa que só na cabeça doida deles tem algum significado.

Mas vai que o camarada teve um sonho ou uma visão e tal, aí tem que ver qualé prq senão vc não tem mais sossego,rs.
E nessas peguei a encomenda, um papel riscado com um nome e uma observação que depois me enviaria o link!!!!!

Ai meu saquinho, como é dura a vida de um lobo sem juízo, mas ao mesmo tempo é isso que faz o sangue pulsar dentro das veias e a abertura é só pra chamar a atenção pra mais um do Buddy considerado obscuro, raro ou sei lá o quê e até a imagem do álbum tem observação e deixei como encontrei; obscuro.....é uma palavra bem interessante pra um cara como o Buddy não acham?

Tocou com os melhores, foi um dos melhores e ainda é reverenciado no mundo todo, mas as tais majors não soltam o material do cara, não dão e não emprestam e as que vendem é a preço de ouro sem nenhuma informação ou o que quer que o valha mostrando total desrespeito pelo artista e sua obra e por isso teimoso que sou (maluco que sou diria meu irmãozinho Raul,rs) insisto e tá aí mais um do Buddy Miles que não roda por aí prq só tem aqui,aí pai do céu ficar acordado dá nisso até rima quer inventar.

Baixem com fé e logo, aproveitem como se deve e se possível espalhem com rapidez prq a alcatéia adverte: "Este som faz muito bem pra alma", valeu Celso."Did not chart

Obscure album by Buddy Miles for the Tulsa-based T. Town label, released in 1977. After the synth-heavy 'More Miles Per Gallon', and the somewhat better 'Bicentennial Gathering' for Casablanca, this LP is a breathe of fresh air: low-fi production, raw and funky. Actually has some 'meep meeps' in the mix.

More to come on this rarity...

Singles from the LP:
- "Roadrunner Stomp" b/w "I Love You More and More"

Buddy Miles - RoadRunner

Data de lançamento:1977

Gravadora:T Town RecordsSinopse

Produced by: Buddy Miles and Monty Stark
Co Produced By: John Stevenson and Jim Paris
Associate Producer: "The RoadRunners"
Director: Jim Paris
Engineer: Monty Stark
Mixers: Monty Stark, Buddy Miles, Jim Paris
Contractor: Jim Paris
Rhythm Leader: Buddy Miles
Horns Leader: Tobie "Big Homy" Wynn
Horns Arranged By: Buddy Miles and Rusty Higgins
Song Arrangement by: Buddy Miles
Design Art Direction and Illustration: Richard OlesonMusician Credits:

Richard Cole
Richard Fortune
Rusty Higgins
Gary Hoppy Hodges
Peter Hysen
Ron Johnson
Gary Johnston
Fitzpatrick Magee
Buddy Miles
John Murray
Eddie Reddick
John Stevenson
Nah Wah Watsow
Tobie Wynn
Jimmy McKinney

Background Vocals:

Colleen Fortune
Moreen Thorton.Tracklist:

1 RoadRunner RoadRunner Stomp

2 I Love You More and More

3 Rambler

4 Pretty Bird

5 Stink Rock

6 Like in a Full Moon

7 Gentle Thoughts

8 Take Care of Yourself


3 de jan. de 2015

BLOG's com novos endereços em 2015...

A foto é só para ilustrar!

Caros amigos, desde que o Dead nos deixou, o Blog Som Mutante não possui administrador. O Dead deixou alguns colaboradores, que conseguem fazer posts, mas não não têm permissão para alterar configurações, tais como, aprovar mensagens, ou incluir/excluir blogs... 

Por isso, vamos usar este post para informar que alguns blogs alteraram o endereço:

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