16 de nov. de 2019

DEWA BUDJANA Jazz Rock/Fusion • Indonesia

Dewa BUDJANA is a guitarist and composer from Waikabubak. Influenced by both popular music as the leader and songwriter of the band GIGI and jazz rock from his earlier background, BUDJANA started his solo career in the late 90's after almost 20 years of his musical career. 

His earlier band like SQUIRREL was already more inventive in the 80's by relying on BUDJANA's original compositional skills rather than working on covers like most of the other local jazz bands. One of the award winning works in that time was a composition called 'Nusa Damai' which would later become the name of his first solo album. Throughout the 80's he would also work as a session player and with other bands until 1993 when he founded GIGI which has a major success to this day.

Besides being a producer as well, BUDJANA has been working on his solo career that mixes fusion the likes of other known guitarists like John MCLAUGHLIN and Bill FRISSELL with traditional music of Indonesia, making his approach to world fusion experimental but also approachable at the same time.


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