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22 de ago. de 2016

Abazagorath - Sacraments Of The Final Atrocity

Cited by many as being New Jersey's premier Black Metal outfit, the corpse paint bedecked act was created in Wayne by former NO RESTRAINTS frontman Nyarlathotep (a.k.a. Dave Wagner) in 1995 in union with erstwhile SEDITION drummer Warhead (real name Chris Demydenko), ex-TASTE OF FEAR guitarist Cythrall and second guitarist Morgul (Daryl Kahan). Morgul is an erstwhile member of ASSUCK, Hardcore act CITIZEN'S ARREST, CXA, TASTE OF FEAR, RORSCHACH as well as having drummed for BORN AGAINST.

ABAZAGORATH issued a self-financed three track EP in January 1996 'Channeling The Ethereal Moon' on the Ancient Music imprint, which elicited strong response. However, line-up changes ensued with Morgul making way for Mithras. Warhead, whilst retaining ABAZAGORATH membership, meanwhile opted to found his own side project vehicle WARHEAD, an endeavour which would eventually culminate in the 'Raping Of Angels' album.

ABAZAGORATH pulled in former MEATSHITS and INFESTER drummer Crom (Dario Derna). The same year Morgul, Nyarlathotep and Crom forged a further extracurricular act MEPHITIUM. This venture issued a brace of demos in 'Ritualistic Coprophagia' and 'Satanic Victory'. Not content with putting his energies into both ABAZAGORATH and MEPHITIUM Morgul cemented an allegiance with vocalist Lord Bucon resulting in ORCUS.

ABAZAGORATH's debut album 'Tenebrarum Cadent Exsurgemus', released in March of 1997 by Elegy Records, received unanimously strong reviews. Cythrall was ousted in April 1997, with Crom now taking up guitar duties with new addition Mithras. In 1999 Morgul usurped his replacement Mithras. Crom would have his place taken at the microphone in early 2000 by Von, the erstwhile singer having relocated and forging ahead with his own project KROHM.

  The group quickly built up an enviable live reputation having supported the likes of VITAL REMAINS, SUMMON and SUFFOCATION. The ABAZAGORATH triumviarate of Morgul, Nyarlathotep and Crom also operate in EVOKEN guitarist Nick Orlando's side act, the brutal old school Death Metal unit FUNEBRARUM featuring on the Necroharmonic Productions album 'Beneath The Columns Of Abandoned Gods'.