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12 de jul. de 2012

Robert Palmer "Heavy Nova (1988) First U.S. Pressing"

O cantor britânico ROBERT PALMER morreu aos 54 anos,em Paris, de ataque cardíaco.

Palmer ficou famoso pelo sucesso "Addicted to Love", em 1986, e por ter integrado o Power Station, projeto paralelo de alguns integrantes do Duran Duran.

Nascido em janeiro de 1949, formou sua primeira banda, The Mandrakes, com 15 anos.

Na década de 70 tentou carreira-solo e foi em 1985, no Power Station, projeto com integrantes do Duran Duran e Chic, que se popularizou e teve hits como "Some Like It Hot’ and ’Get It On’ (cover do T. Rex).

No ano seguinte, explodiu com Addicted Love, que foi número 1 no mundo inteiro e seu vídeo um marco da MTV.Heavy Nova is the ninth solo studio album by Robert Palmer, released in 1988.

His first album for EMI Records after a 15-year association with Island Records (both with Vinegar Joe and as a solo artist), it followed Palmer's very popular album Riptide.

Heavy Nova continued Palmer's popularity with the single "Simply Irresistible", which spent three weeks at No. 1 on the Billboard Mainstream Rock Tracks chart in the U.S.

The name Heavy Nova derives from Palmer's love of both heavy metal and bossa nova rhythms.

The album was recorded at Logic Studios, Milan, Italy and Compass Point Studios Bahamas.

The album peaked at No. 13 in the US, No. 17 in the UK and No. 15 in Netherland.

The album was certified US Platinum by RIAA in November 1988 and UK Gold by BPI in November 1988.

It remains Palmer's second most successful album worldwide, behind his 1985 album Riptide.Robert Palmer - Vocals, producer
Dony Wynn - Drums
Frank Blair - Bass
William Bryant - Keyboards
Eddie Martinez - Guitar
Dom Um Romão - Percussion
Clare Fischer - Strings
Chuck Findley - Trumpet
Garth Hudson - Accordion, keyboards
Tom "T-Bone" Wolk - Accordion
Luka Belak - Violin
Richard Gibbs - Keyboards
Jeff Bova - Keyboards
Misha Schneider - Keyboards
Dennis Budemir - Guitar
John Grey - Guitar, Percussion
Barry "Sun John" Johnson - Bass
Joey Faahar - Drums
Robyn Lobe - Percussion
Tina Ann Hart - Backing vocals

Tim Kramer - Engineer
Bookie Espie - Assistant engineer
Eric "E.T." Thorngren - Mixing
Scott Forman - Assistant engineer
Roy Sweeting - Assistant engineer (at Compass Point)
Peter Bascombe - Production coordinator
David Harper - Executive producer
Cover Photograph and Design by Susan PalmerAll songs by Robert Palmer except where noted:

01. Simply Irresistible – 4:14
02. More Than Ever – 3:25
03. Change His Ways – 2:56
04. Disturbing Behaviour – 3:45
05. Early in the Morning (Lonnie Simmons, Rudy Taylor, Charlie Wilson) – 4:42
06. It Could Happen to You (Johnny Burke, Jimmy Van Heusen) – 2:32
07. She Makes My Day – 4:23
08. Between Us – 4:49
09. Casting a Spell – 3:57
10. Tell Me I'm Not Dreaming (Michael Omartian, Bruce Sudano, Jay Gruska) – 3:46