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26 de jun. de 2015

Emerson, Lake & Palmer - Live High Voltage Festival (2010)

High Voltage is a double live album by British progressive rock band Emerson, Lake & Palmer, released in 2010. On 25 July 2010, Emerson, Lake and Palmer played a one-off 40th anniversary concert, headlining the High Voltage Festival event in Victoria Park, London. The entire concert was later released as the double-CD live album "High Voltage".

Disc 1

"Karn Evil 9: 1st Impression - Part 2"
"The Barbarian"
"Bitches Crystal"
"From The Beginning"
"Touch and Go"
"Take a Pebble"
"Tarkus (Eruption/Stones Of Years/Iconoclast/Mass/Battlefield/Aquatarkus)."
Disc 2

"Farewell To Arms"
"Lucky Man"
"Pictures At An Exhibition medley"
"Fanfare for the Common Man/Drum Solo/Rondo"

22 de jun. de 2015

Emerson, Lake & Palmer - A Time and A Place (2010)

The A Time and a Place box set brings together a select body of live performances by Emerson, Lake & Palmer captured before worldwide audiences during the band's career and tenure at the sharp end of the Progressive rock genre. It features high-quality soundboard recordings on the first three discs and audience recordings on the fourth. The collection has been praised by fans and in album reviews for the quality of the soundboard recordings, as well as the vast diversity of tracks featured on the discs. This collection is a part of a series of “official” bootleg releases by Shout! Factory and producer David Skye, with the blessing and participation of artists to provide fans with only the best performances, highest quality recordings, superior packaging and with original cover artwork designed by illustrator William Stout, internationally renowned as one of the first rock “n” roll bootleg cover artists. Other releases in the series include Iggy Pop’s Roadkill Rising and Todd Rundgren’s For Lack of Honest Work.

 A Time and A Place (2010)

18 de jun. de 2015

Emerson, Lake & Palmer - Brain Salad Perjury

It was only a question of time. It had to happen. After all, didn't the Orb's Alex Paterson and a host of ecstasy-addled dance music producers take the music of Pink Floyd into the mixologist's lab? Emerson, Lake & Palmer, whose very name is synonymous with rock excess and the curse of prog rock, has now been given the same treatment by producer Mike Bennett on this (shudder) three-CD box set from Burning Airlines. Oh yes, and it was done with the cooperation and participation of Keith Emerson. Discs one and two each begin with remixes of "Fanfare for the Common Man," which was already a reinterpretation of Aaron Copland's canonical classical work. Jungle, ambient, techno, and even hard house are used by Bennett to restring the piece, and Emerson re-recorded bits and bites for texture. The rest of discs one and two are reworkings of ELP "classics" such as "I Believe in Father Christmas," "Brain Salad Surgery," "Take a Pebble," etc., and a deconstruction of Carl Palmer's aggressive drumming style on "Palmstone" at the end of disc two. Disc three consists of various remixes of -- guess what? It's "Fanfare for the Common Man" once again, by such luminaries as Digger, Clive Mead, Simon Guilfoyle, Graham Pilgrim, and Bennett himself. This is not for everybody, but ELP fans, wherever they may be, will be tempted to realize this box of electronic plunder for all of its dubious glory.

10 de jun. de 2015

More Emerson, Lake & Palmer

1. Barbarian
2. Take A Pebble
3. Knife Edge
4. Lucky Man
5. Tarkus
6. Jeremy Bender
7. Sheriff
8. Nutrocker
9. Living Sin
10. Endless Enigma
11. From The Beginning
12. Hoedown
13. Trilogy
14. Jerusalem
15. Still You Turn Me On
16. Karn Evil 9 (1st impression part 2)
17. Fanfare For The Common Man
18. C'est La Vie
19. Pirates
20. Brain Salad Surgery
21. Honky Tonk Train Blues
22. Love Beach
23. Black Moon
24. Affairs Of The Heart

6 de jun. de 2015

Welcome Back, My Friends... To The Show that Never ENDS...

Mais um ELP saindo do baú...

Live, released in 2001

Songs / Tracks Listing
CD 1 
1. A Time And A Place (4:06) 
2. Piano Concerto No. 1 (Third Movement: Toccata Con Fuoco)(4:51) 
3. From The Beginning (4:15) 
4. Karn Evil 9 (First Impression, Pt. 2) (5:25) 
5. Tiger In A Spotlight (3:35) 
6. Hoedown (4:57) 
7. Touch And Go (4:12) 
8. Knife Edge (6:12) 
9. Bitches Crystal (4:30) 

CD 2
10. Honky Tonk Train Blues (3:42) 
11. Take A Pebble (7:09) 
12. Lucky Man (5:07) 
13. Fanfare For The Common Man / Blue Rondo A La Turk (22:10) 
14. 21st Century Schizoid Man {Fripp / McDonald / Lake / Giles / Sinfield} / America (4:53)

22 de mai. de 2015

Emerson, Lake & Palmer at Merriweather Post Pavillion ( 08.23.96)


Emerson Lake And Palmer

Recorded Live:
Merriweather Post Pavilion
Columbia, Maryland
August 23,1996

Keith Emerson - Keyboards
Greg Lake - Bass, Guitars, Vocals
Carl Palmer - Percussion

Archival Material Produced by David Skye
Remastered by Randy Wine
Art Design: Matthew Montero
Project Assistance: Tony Ortiz

13 de mai. de 2015

Emerson, Lake & Palmer - Santiago, Chile (04.01.93)

Emerson Lake and Palmer, Santiago de Chile
Estadio Chile, 01 de Abril 1993

7 de mai. de 2015

Emerson, Lake & Palmer - Anaheim Convention Center (1974)

Emerson, Lake & Palmer
Live at the Anaheim Convention Center
Anaheim, CA 10.2.74
King Biscuit Flower Hour

Source : FM Broadcast

Tracklisting : 
01. Introduction to King Biscuit Flower Hour
02. Hoedown
03. Chasing the Fantastic
04. C'Est La'Vie
05. Still You Turn Me On
06. Lucky Man
07. Tarkus (Excerpt)
08. Karn Evil # 9
09. Fanfare for the Common Man

18 de jul. de 2014

Emerson, Lake & Palmer - sem Palmer e sem Lake!???

1978 foi um ano de crise para o ELP. Eles estavam cansados e sua música não tinha mais aquela inspiração. Eles se separaram por cansaço e alguns conflitos pessoais... 

Em 1985, Emerson e Lake reformaram o Emerson, Lake & Palmer, e o chamaram de Emerson, Lake & Powell desta vez com o baterista de heavy metal Cozy Powell. Palmer não aceitou participar da reunião, preferindo se manter com o Asia. Rumores também ligavam Bill Bruford à nova formação, mas o ex-baterista do Yes estava com o King Crimson e seu novo grupo Earthworks. Emerson, Lake & Powell teve sucesso razoável, com o single Touch and Go gerando espaço nas rádios e na MTV. Apesar disso, a tensão já antiga entre Lake e Emerson resurgiu na turnê de 1986. Emerson e Palmer posteriormente se uniram a Robert Berry para formar a banda 3, que não obteve sucesso.

Seguem estes registros, que embora não sejam grandes obras, constam na história deste grande grupo, e devem constar na coleção de fãs do ELP...

E apenas para comparar, segue um Master Piece...

Emerson, Lake and Palmer é o álbum de estreia do trio de rock progressivo, Emerson, Lake & Palmer. Contém um dos maiores sucessos, a canção "Lucky Man". Foi lançado em 1970.

(Diretamente do baú do C A R L O S)