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3 de dez. de 2013

Kimio Mizutani - Progressive Jazz Rock

Kimio Mizutani - um grande guitarrista Japa, membro fundador do famoso grupo japonês Out Cast, Love Live Life + 1. Por ser muito eclético, já foi classificado como Underground, ou Frank Zappa Oriental...

Segue Biografia do Prog Archives:
Kimio MIZUTANI was born in Japan on June 17th, 1947. He appeared on stage as a guitarist in his teenaged days and formed OUT CAST in 1966, which currently were considered as the Japanese Garage Punk progenitor. 1971 was the special year for him. He carried out two important progressive rock project - LOVE LIVE LIFE + ONE and PEOPLE - with his improvised guitar play and terrific sound production. And also as a solo player he released 'A Path Through Haze' in the same year. He is very active as a session guitarist and sound creator but for over 30 years he had not released any album under his credit.  But at last in 2003 the project of Kimio and Hiro Yanagida named MA-YA produced an album 'Floating'. 

'Try to do something new just when you get confident in yourself and everything gets well for you.' is Kimio's motto. ( ).

Kimio Mizutani - (1971) A Path Through Haze

01. A Path Through The Haze (Masahiko Satoh) - 5:55 
02. Sail In The Sky (Hiromasa Suzuki) - 7:17 
03. Turning Point (Kawachi Kuni) - 3:45 
04. Diga-me o que você viu (Kimio Mizutani) - 4:51 
05. One For Janis (Masahiko Satoh) - 6:25 
06. Sable do Sabbath Day (Kawachi Kuni) - 4:00 
07. Uma garrafa de codeína (Hiromasa Suzuki) - 7:15 
08. Way Out (Kimio Mizutani) - 03:57 

- Kimio "Junho" Mizutani - guitarra elétrica, violão folk 
- Masaoki Terakawa - baixo elétrico 
- Takeshi Inomata - bateria 
- Masahiko Satoh - órgão Hammond, piano, sintetizador Moog 
- Hiromasa Suzuki - piano elétrico 
- Hideaki Takebe - baixo elétrico 
- Kayoko Isshu - Scat vocal 
- Toyama Cordas Quartette - cordas 
- Etoh Madeira Quartette - sopros 
- Norihiro Sawada - produtor