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11 de set. de 2011

California Guitar Trio "Whitewater" by Tony Levin

Abaixo tem as descrições técnicas e etc e tal mas só posso acrescentar neste caso que a produção é de Tony Levin!!!!!!!!!

É que nos releases que encontrei a produção é creditada a Robert Fripp (aí que saco, como puxam o saco desse cara meu pai eterno!!!) e na realidade o projeto como um todo é de autoria do cara, do verdadeiro mestre e criador e quem quiser que entre no seu site oficial para conferir.

Sei que fico parecendo um chato sempre querendo ser o dono da verdade mas se tem uma coisa que me deixa puto são créditos roubados, prq muito que criei foi sim roubado e até que ganhei também, mas isso é outra história; só que aqui na alcatéia faço questão de deixar tudo bem claro, goste quem goste.O Fripp é o cara, toca muito e etc e tal, mas eu particularmente acho ele um puta de um chato e além de tudo ladrão de idéias alheias com apoio da mídia, como no caso do Keith Tippett já descrito em post aqui que ele roubou a idéia toda e lançou o Lizard e agora mais um como neste.

Fato consumado, meu ídolo e de boa parte da turma de respeito mundial traz pra nós mais uma obra prima, espero gostem.
By Christa Titus
For its latest studio album, the California Guitar Trio—Bert Lams, Paul Richards, and Hideyo Moriya—captured its work on analog equipment for the first time.

The format’s warm timbre, coupled with a recording session that lasted only days, lends an immediacy and crispness to such tracks as the energetic “Skyline” and the serene “Mee-Woo” and “The Marsh.”

Playing steel-string Martin acoustics and using Roland effects pedals, the group embellishes its songs with a wide variety of textures.

The thick, squealing solo in “Led Foot” could be mistakenly attributed to an electric guitar.

“Prelude Circulation BWV 988” is taken from a Johann Sebastian Bach piece written for harpsichord, with the guitar tones softly mimicking that instrument.

The final cut, “Ghost Riders on the Storm,” cleverly intertwines the country standard “Ghost Riders in the Sky,” evoking a 1950s western movie score, with the Doors’ “Riders on the Storm,” in which the trio deftly parrots the original’s chiming keyboards, vocal melody, and flickering beat.

“Cosmo Calypso,” a trip into outer space brimming with celestial flourishes, contains the most inventive tricks—tiny electronic blips, watery gurglings, and eerie echoes.

Such ingenuity is as musically rewarding as it is clever and explains why the CGT has been invited to share stages with such innovators as King Crimson and John McLaughlinProduced by Tony Levin, "Whitewater" contains mostly new and original CGT material.

Both ethereal and blistering, this recording reveals the CGT's music in a new light by introducing some amazing electronic treatments while staying true to their warm, analog sound.

The Bach Circulation piece on this recording was made using tiny, high-end, binaural microphones in producer Tony Levin's ears, just feet from the 3 guitars!This release by former members of Robert Fripp's League of Crafty Guitarists is filled with both virtuosity and sensitivity.

Each member of the ensemble listens and plays well with each other, creating a rich musical sympathy.

Various styles of music commingle on this album.
For example, there is the delicate baroque-influenced piece, "Prelude Circulation BWV 988."

This work simulates the sounds of a harpsichord as the ensemble weaves together a myriad of circular countermelodies.

Other tracks such as "Led Foot" and the title track, "Whitewater" are more complex, angular, and even percussive.

Then there is "Cosmo Calypso," a playful tune that invokes the feel and style of Caribbean music. The final track on the album is an intense arrangement of Eddy Arnold's country classic "Ghost Riders in the Sky," which morphs into the Doors classic "Riders on the Storm."

The California Guitar Trio moves vigorously through the song's melody, transforming the western ballad into a turbulent gallop. Overall, WHITEWATER unfolds in exciting and often unexpected ways and the trio creates a musical environment that transcends the perceived boundaries of the guitar itself.

Live Recording

Audio Mixer: Tom Mark
Line-up / Musicians

- Hideyo Moriya / guitars
- Paul Richards / guitars
- Bert Lams / guitarsSongs / Tracks Listing

1. The Marsh (4:59)
2. Atlantis (4:13)
3. Skyline (4:22)
4. Mee-Woo (3:18)
5. Prelude Circulation BVW 988 (2:52)
6. Cantharsis (3:10)
7. Cosmocalypso (3:53)
8. Whitewater (3:57)
9. Led Foot (4:17)
10. Relative Illusion (3:39)
11. Red Iguana (3:12)
12. Ghost Riders On The Storm (3:22)

Total Time: 43:34

Flac part 01 and part 02

MP3 320kbps
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