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6 de ago. de 2016

39 Clocks

Psychedelic group from Hannover, Germany. Formed in 1977 under the name Killing Rats, split after an appearance at "Psychotic Splash Festival" in Hannover (18 June 1983). Briefly reformed for a comeback album in 1987.

3 de ago. de 2016

20 de fev. de 2016

Jeff Baker - German Psychedelic Folk

Um som bem diferente para mim. Não encontrei muita informação, a não ser alguns comentários em outros Blogs. Vale a pena dar uma conferida.

"Maybe the most underrated album I know !
Absolute fantastic and intensive Psychedelic, only issued in 1971 on german BASF.
Loner, progressive Folkrock album, partly more rocking, partly more folky, with English vocals, highly recommendable." (

Banjo – G. Preskett
Cello – G. Preskett
Guitar – G. Preskett*, Jeff Baker
Harmonica – G. Preskett
Mandolin – G. Preskett
Organ – G. Preskett
Piano – G. Preskett
Producer – Graham Preskett
Violin – G. Preskett
Vocals – Jeff Baker

9 de dez. de 2015

Isolation - Psychedelic Folk

“Isolation remains today as one of the most unknown folk-psych groups of the UK.” it says. "Released in micro-quantity back in 1973" and “Reminiscent of folk-psych legends Ithaca. This is an album you’d better own!!” Hoho not too quickly ! Let me hear it first. I can’t recognise any Ithaca, except for the use of the same instruments, and some improvisation. The (not so fantastic) singing reminds me partly more of American CSNY-influenced bands. And the recording itself has so much noise reduction, the remaining music sound like it's being sandwiched. The improvisations of acoustic guitars with piano and flute are good, sometimes a bit jazzy psych-folk styled. The whole idea reminds me more of the first reissue of Oberon. The music is fine, but not fantastic. But the “remastering” could have been better.