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28 de mar. de 2014

Urban Trapeze "Single and Live"

Oi D.A.;

Aqui estão (em arquivos MP3 anexos - neste e nos próximos dois E-mails) o segundo e último álbum do grupo Urban Trapeze.
É um CD bastante difícil de conseguir (penei!!!).
Agora a postagem desse grupo fica completa.
Boa semana.

URBAN TRAPEZE es un grupo de Barcelona de Rock Progresivo con un estilo que resaña a bandas de finales de los 60' y principios de los 70', Yes, King Crimson, Premiata Forneria Marconi, Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Genesis, Frank Zappa, Soft Machine,... pero solo por la sonoridad "retro" que crean, para remarcar así su manera personal de interpretar la música y que aquellas tendencias de las que provienen, tenga su sitio en el presente y que estén hoy en día en plena evolución e innovación, para mostrarnos una música propia y creativa

Hasta ahora han registrado 2 CD's: Reactived Tarkus e Single and Live

Han actuado por salas de Barcelona y por numerosas ciudades de Cataluña, presentando su propio repertorio y con más de 2 horas de actuación, música con intensas atmósferas que van desde pasajes sumamente melódicos y espontáneos, a momentos puramente intensos.
Urban Trapeze

Symphonic Prog

Live, released in 2007
Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Within My Flesh  
2. Create Your way  
3. Reactivated Tarkus  
    a) Revenge / Coda 
    b) Ironfish 
    c) Quicksands 
4. Dreams & Legends in the Iceberg's Heart 
5. My Body
6. Answer? 
7. Drum Solo
8. Free - impr -
9. Evolution - impr - 
Line-up / Musicians

- Daniel Seglers / keyboards, vocals
- Jan Satorras / guitars
- Daniel Fernández / bass, vocals
- Marc Viaplana / flute
- Juan Camilo Anzola / drums 

- Juliette Thiry / backing vocals (2)

13 de mar. de 2014

Urban Trapeze "Reactivated TARKUS 2006"

Oi D.A.;

        Tudo bem com você?
        Sei que não nos comunicamos muito, e não lhe envio material em quantidade.
        Mas aqui vai mais uma raridade (este álbum de um grupo de rock progressivo espanhol homenageando, fazendo uma "sequência" de uma grande obra de Emerson, Lake & Palmer).
        Espero que você goste e poste no blog (disponibilizando para todos).
        Um abraço.

                               C A R L O S
Line-up / Musicians
- Daniel Seglers / keyboards, vocals
- Jan Satorras / guitars
- Daniel Fernández / bass, vocals
- Marc Viaplana / flute
- Juan Camilo Anzola / drums
Urban Trapeze biography

URBAN TRAPEZE was founded in 2004 under the confluence of keyboardist Daniel SEGLERS, guitarist Jan SANTORRAS, bassist Daniel FERNÁNDEZ and drummer Juan Camilo ANZOLA, with flutist Marc VIAPLANA joining in shortly after. SEGLERS was still fresh from a progressive musical project that he had started back in 2001, eventually being aborted not long before the birth of URBAN TRAPEZE. The new band was tightly compact and determined to state a well-defined progressive personality. Domestic influences such as GOTIC, FUSIOON and PEGASUS, as well as foreign influences such as YES, ELP, KING CRIMSON, ZAPPA, HAFIELD, CARAVAN and PFM, are some of the main references that the band cites, intending to bring them out with an innovative attitude within the avant-garde rock scene. From then onwards, the band's touring activity has been constant, grasping lots and lots of Catalonian live gig locations. URBAN TRAPEZE has a strong penchant for improvised passages and jams inserted between their composed tracks. 

In 2006, the band released "Activated Tarkus" in an independent, limited format. The album is a pure manifestation of the band's eclectic interests in the realm or progressive rock, alternating the bombastic approach of ELP, the jazzy dynamics of Canterbury bands, the lyrical vibe of classic symphonic prog from Italy and Catalonia, and the intensity of KING CRIMSON. Less than one year later, URBAN TRAPEZE released a single CD with two tracks, in a very limited format: a short time later, the band released "Single & Live", which comprised the aforesaid single plus seven pieces from a 2005 live performance. 

Right before the end of 2006, ANZOLA leaves the band to be replaced by August CORMINAS, and just in the first half of 2007, Roberto CANTONI (GECKO'S TEAR alumni) and Pablo SELNIK replaced FERNÁNDEZ and VIAPLANA, respectively. The entry of CANTONI proved to be fruitful, since he added Theremin inputs besides his usual bass guitar duties, but his presence in the band didn't last too long. He was subsequently replaced by Lluis GENER. The line-up continued to change when Daniel SEGLERS had to leave the band as well, due to health problems: currently, the keyboards spot is occupied by Daniel's brother Txema. Despite these symptoms of instability, URBAN TRAPEZE remains active in their country's avant-garde rock circuits. 
Studio Album, released in 2006

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Reactivated Tarkus (20:05)
    a. Revenge/Coda 
    b. Ironfish 
    c. Quicksands 
    d. Desert's wind 
    e. Spider of fire 
2. Ki Ko Ku Ken (Including Crazy Colours) (4:09) 
3. Urban Trapeze (7:15)
4. Infinite Sea (9:00)
5. Evolution (Improvisation Live) (11:55) 

Total Time 52:24