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3 de mar. de 2015

Fabiano Orchestra - Jazz Fusion from French West Indies,

Coming out of the French West Indies, a jazz fusion group known to the world as Fibiano Orchestra and their magnum opus, Butterfly Island (also known as their “Holy Grail” album). This record carries within its grooves, an exploritory journey into the world. The Orchestra masterfully displayes their instrumental control that is matched with moments of beautiful vocal chants, that are equally as powerful. “Pointe Des Châteaux,” “Fo Ca Change,” and “Creole” are just a few of the gems on this record, pressed into a 180 gram vinyl. The good people at Superfly Records are masters of jazz reissues and the addition of Fabiano Orchestra to their list is a good one. This is a very limited run of only 1,000 and will become instantly collectible since the original copies of this record are extremely difficult to track down. Order your copy here! )


Splendid Superfly reissue of one of the rarest and most amazing Jazz Fusion records to have been produced in the French West Indies, includes the Spiritual/fusion masterpiece 'pointe des chateaux', the spacy classic 'west indian meditation' and the hipnotic gwo ka tune 'creole', a truly unique LP, one of those that you always pull out when you feel like listening to something different, features world class musicians like Clifford Jordan, Hannibal Peterson or West Indian legend Velo - 180grs quality pressing with beautiful hard cardboard gatefold cover, set to become collectible as the original is impossible to find, strictly limited to 1000 copies, )