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29 de mai. de 2012

Alvin Lee and Ten Years After "Pure Blues" by PRB

O mais engraçado nestes posts é a relação que tenho com eles, alguns quase nenhuma o que não acontece com Alvin Lee, que conheci quase que toda sua carreira mas nunca comprei um disco sequer!!!
Porque será?
Cada vez que saía um eu ia as lojas mas achava algo a mais e ele ficava pra depois, aí acabava ouvindo dos amigos e tal mas caraca, se ele era tão bom e era, porque cargas d'água nunca comprei um só disco?
O nome é mítico e a sigla TYA permanece até hoje nas principais bocas qdo falam de uma banda ou de um guitarrista; "Ten Years After" é um marco na música norte americana e ele fez escola sim pra muitos só que ficou mais pra trás digamos assim como muitos que tem talento, fazem muito e bem feito mas não decolam como outros até de nível inferior.
Aqui ele está simplesmente perfeito e na minha praia eu posso sim opinar, prq o Blues é como água pra mim, estritamente necessário ouvir em todas suas vertentes e o PRB acertou mais uma nos presenteando com esta bela aula de como é tocar Blues de verdade e não é a toa que até um tal de Harrison faz parte e não me venham com histórias prq ele não tocava com qqr um mesmo e ponto; Jon Lord é um fora de série também e difícil de qualificar entre tantos.
Alvin Lee e TYA, tudo a ver,rs

Hi Dead!

Saudações, velho lobo.

procurando nos arquivos do som mutante,não encontrei nada específico a respeito deste mestre das seis cordas , ai me lembrei deste CD que vos passo.

Na humilde opinião deste aspirante a lobo, uma das mais honestas compilações já lançadas.

Destaque para as participações pra lá de especiais, entre eles: George Harrison e John Lord .

Confira e veja se é digno de fazer parte desta alcateia.

Abraços ao velho lobo e beijos nas crias.

Até a próxima!

Born in Nottingham England, ALVIN LEE began playing guitar age 13 and formed the core of the band Ten Years After by aged 15.
Originally influenced by his parent's collection of jazz and blues records, it was the advent of rock and roll that truly sparked his interest and creativity, and guitarists like Chuck Berry and Scotty Moore provided his inspiration.
The Jaybirds, as Lee's early band was called, were popular locally and had success in Hamburg, Germany, following the Beatles there in 1962.
But it wasn't until the band moved to London in 1966 and changed its name to TYA that international success beckoned.
The band secured a residency at the legendary Marquee Club, and an invitation to the famous Windsor Jazz & Blues Festival in 1967 led to their first recording contract.
The self titled debut album surprisingly received play on San Francisco's underground radio stations and was enthusiastically embraced by listeners, including concert promoter Bill Graham who invited the band to tour America for the first time in the summer of 1968.
Audiences were immediately taken in by Lee's distinctive, soulful, rapid fire guitar playing and the band's innovative mix of blues, swing jazz and rock, and an American love affair began.
TYA would ultimately tour tNorth America 28 times in 7 years, more than any other U.K. band.
Appearing at the famed Woodstock Festival, Lee's virtuoso performance was one of the highlights and remains today a standard for many other guitarists.
Captured on film in the documentary of the festival, his inspired playing catapulted him into superstardom, and soon the band was playing arenas and stadiums around the globe.
Although Lee later lamented that he missed the intimacy of smaller venues, there is no denying the impact the film made in bringing his music to a worldwide audience.
TYA had great success, releasing ten albums together, but by 1973, Lee was feeling limited by the band's style.
With American gospel singer Mylon LeFevre and a host of rock talents like George Harrison, Steve Winwood, Ron Wood and Mick Fleetwood , he recorded and released On The Road To Freedom, a highly acclaimed album that was at the forefront of country rock.
A year later, in response to a dare, Lee formed Alvin Lee & Company to play a show the Rainbow in London and released it as a double live album, In Flight.
An energetic mix of rhythm & blues and rock, with a tribute to Elvis Presley thrown in for good measure, Lee once, in his understated fashion, called this band "a funky little outfit".
They were far more than that and various members of the band continued on with Lee for his next two albums, Pump Iron and Let it Rock.
He finished out the 70s with a powerhouse trio he called Ten Years Later who also released two albums, Ride On and Rocket Fuel, and toured extensively throughout Europe and the United States.
The 80s brought another change in Lee's direction, with two albums that were strong collaborations with Rarebird's Steve Gould and an extensive tour with the Rolling Stones' Mick Taylor joining his band.
Lee's overall musical output includes more than 20 albums, including 1985's Detroit Diesel and the back to back 90s collections of Zoom and 1994 (I Hear You Rocking).
Guest artists on both albums include George Harrison, whose brilliant slide guitar perfectly complements Lee's lead. Their duet on 1994's The Bluest Blues led one reviewer to call it "the most perfect blues song ever recorded."
"Alvin Lee in Tennessee", a 2004 release, was recorded with rock and roll legends Scotty Moore and D.J. Fontana.
It's an upbeat selection of songs that are timely and forward looking, yet borrow from his beloved 50s rock and roll.
There's even a new version of his signature song, I'm Going Home, performed here, according to Lee "as it always should have been".
Lee's newest album, Saguitar, released September 2007, showcases the artist's bluesy vocals and dazzling guitar work on 14 new songs that range from melancholic blues to raucous rock to an innovative interpretation of rap.
Lee says the album "celebrates the sheer joy of making music".
For the listener, the celebration starts when they crank up the volume and groove to the latest offering from this enduring and superbly talented musician
Pure Blues music CDs Includes liner notes by Alvin Lee.
Pure Blues songs

Alvin Lee (vocals, guitar, piano); Dyan Birch, Frank Collins, Paddy McHugh (vocals); Steve Gould (guitar, keyboards); Neil Hubbard (guitar); George Harrison (slide guitar); Mel Collins (saxophone); Clarence Clemons (tenor saxophone); Chick Churchill, Steve Grant, Tim Hinkley (keyboards); Alan Young, Ric Lee, Ian Wallace (drums).

Liner Note Author: Alvin Lee.
13.OUTSIDE MY WINDOW(original demo)