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21 de mai. de 2010

Jeff Lorber Fusion - Now Is The Time

Jeff Lorber Fusion Now Is The Time

O Zak colocou uma mostra no comentário do AntºPhilips sobre o novo trabalho do Jeff Lorber, e confesso que o nome não me era dos mais conhecidos, e em comentários vem de tudo que vc tem até receio do que seja.
Mas como todo lobo, sou curioso e lá fui ouvir Sumatra, que era a dica dele e reconheço que me encantei na hora; nada de novo no mundo do Jazz/fusion mas aí que reside o mistério dos grandes músicos, fazer bem o que outros fizeram e ainda assim fazer soar como novo.

Um belo álbum, uma delícia de sonoridade, um time competentíssimo, e me confesso fã do Colaiuta mesmo, vocais dignos de louvor, olha pra quem quer ouvir música de qualidade com talento e muito pra cima, vale a dica pra o fim de semana.
Claro que o álbum sendo recente (2010), e com lançamento oficial pra junho, apesar de estar nas grandes lojas, espero que possa durar um pouco mas aconselho quem estiver afim, baixar logo,rs

Obs: Consegui um release interessante analisando musica por musica e quem faz o quê, pra mim foi muito instrutivo. E apesar do Zak me mandar a última música, a primeira é de matar a pau, vale cada instante sua audição e suas surpresas.

Thanks Zak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On the first Jeff Lorber Fusion release since the stellar 1981 Arista Records project, "Galaxian", "Now Is TheTime", we find the trailblazing keyboardist revisting a sound he helped pioneer. This time with the help of Yellowjackets' bassist, Jimmy Haslip and mega talents, saxophonist Eric Marienthal, trumpeter Randy Brecker, guitarist Paul Jackson, Jr., drummers Vinnie Colaiuta and David Weckl, the Blood, Sweat and Tears Horns, and many other great players from the Smooth Jazz arena.

Co-Produced by Jeff, Jimmy Haslip and Blood, Sweat and Tears alum, Bobby Colomby, the album that WILL win him Best Contemporary Jazz Album at the 2011 Grammy Awards ceremonies. An award that is long overdue him, particularly after his horribly underappreciated 2008 Peak/Concord release "Heard That" failed to catch the ears of the NARAS voters. Well, fret not Jeff, "Now Is The Time" will do the trick. .... and certainly this the time to bestow upon you your long overdue props.

First track off the Heads Up International album (A unit of The Concord Music Group), is a classic first recorded by an early incarnation of The Jeff Lorber Fusion, "Rain Dance/Wanna Fly". (Originally recorded for 1979's "Water Sign"). Jeff kept the arrangement pretty much the same, but with a more contemporary feel. Featured are great vocals from Irene B, as well as Jeff's expert keyboard work ala Fender Rhodes and acoustic piano, trumpeter Randy Brecker trademark tone, and the "on the one" drumming of Vinnie Colaiuta. A feel good tempo, not too fast, and not too slow, just right.
"Dr. Moy", features Rufus guitarist Tony Maiden, percussion heavyweight Lenny Castro, and Jill Scott's drummer, L'il John Roberts.It's a funky little mid tempo'd ditty. Jeff get to stretch a bit on the Hammond B-3 organ solo in which he kills it ! Eric Marienthal's alto sax keeps the funk flowing with his hot licks, as well as the funky bass plucks of session great Alex Al with it's "dead in the pocket"performance. Great song !

"Pixel",is an uptempo upbeat track that features Jeff primarily on Fender Rhodes, and Eric Marienthal on alto sax as they play in harmony with another with the occasional trade off solo licks. Jimmy Haslip's nimble bass work is the ingredient that holds the groove together. It slows downs a bit in the bridge, but picks back up to a funky groove.Certainly this is one of the CD's highlights.

"Sugar Free", features vocalist Irene B once again in her sweet harmonic tones supplemented by the great horn arrangements of David Mann. Jeff performs a nice, but not too forced acoustic piano solo.Jimmy's bass, Paul Jackson's guitar, Vinnie Coluiata's drumming all add depth and emotion to a Smooth Jazz radio bound song.

"Mysterious Traveler", a remake of the 1974 Weather Report classic penned by saxophonist giant, Wayne Shorter, takes on new life here as Jeff and company, somewhat, funkatizes it ..... and it works ! Jeff's electric piano keyboard execution, Jimmy Haslips haunting bass lines, Vinnie's powerhouse drumming, and Eric M's. uniquely styled soprano sax performance would have certainly made the late Joe Zawinul stand up and take notice.

"Curtains/BeforeWe Go", once again, we're blessed with sweet sensual sounds of vocalist Irene B on a mellow, chilled piece of work. Jeff's flowing electric piano lines with a wonderful synthesizer solo thrownin, laid back drum stylings of Jimmy Branly, Michael Thompson's light guitar strums, Jimmy Haslip's perfectly tuned bass parts, and Eric M's.tenor sax, is a song that calls for the embracement of a warm Saturday night on the beach with a bottle of chilled wine.
"Black Ice", is fusion at it's finest ! Once again, Jeff's Fender Rhodes holds center stage here, as well as his acoustic piano solo. Both played with the fever pitch of the keyboard master that he is. Jimmy Haslip's bass solo melodically and fastly played as he knows how to do best. Eric M's and Jeff at times play in perfect harmony and tempo with one another. Great song for working out in the gym with the iPod in tow.

"La Rosas", with it's latinesque feel and tempo, is a slow and sensual performed song. Eric M's beautifully performed soprano sax along with Jeff's late night grooved acoustic piano playing, is a track I see myself listening to after along hard days work. Michael Thompson's guitar, Jimmy Haslip's bass parts, and Vinnie Coluiata's laid back drumming adds a cool dimension tothis great song.

Remaining songs, the upbeat and straight ahead jazz stylings of "Chinese Medicinal Herbs", the funk fusion of a reworking of Jeff's classic "Water Sign",and closing number, the bass synth ladened, live horn fused, "Sumatra",rounds out what will be Jeff Lorber finest album to date.Hear it for yourselves when it's released June 1st, 2010. Mark your calendars because NOW IS THE TIME real music reclaims it rightful place !

Happy Listening !

Randy Mahon
The Urban Music Scene
Track Listings
1. Rain Dance/Wanna Fly
2. Dr. Moy
3. Pixel
4. Sugar Free
5. Mysterious Traveller
6. Curtains/Before We Go
7. Black Ice
8. Las Rosas
9. Chinese Medicinal Herbs
10. Water Sign
11. Sumatra