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7 de jul. de 2015

Boogie Woogie - Rockin Roots Piano

It was early in the Thirties: after emerging from the piano-bars and honky-tonks of Texas, boogie woogie moved into rent parties in Harlem. The fashion had started. Passing jazzmen, converted bluesmen or authentic diehards, the aces of the keyboard here show all the richness of this powerful, obsessional genre that was the most African of piano jazz styles, an essential component of what became rock and roll. 

01. Albert Ammons - Boogie Woogie Stomp
02. Cow Cow Davenport - Cow Cow Blues
03. Pinetop Smith - Jump Steady Blues
04. Jimmy Yancey - Yancey Limited
05. Jimmy Yancey - Five OClock Blues
06. Meade Lux Lewis - Honky Tonk Train Blues
07. Albert Ammons - Suitcase Blues
08. Clarence "Cripple" Lofton - The Fives
09. Arthur "Montana" Taylor - Indiana Avenue Stomp
10. Red Speckled - St Louis Stomp
11. Little Brother Montgomery - Farish Street Jive
12. Cleo Brown - Pinetops Boogie Woogie
13. Pete Johnson - Basement Boogie
14. Pete Johnson - Death Ray Boogie
15. Pete Johnson - Boogie Woogie Man
16. Hazel Scott - A Rainy Night In G
17. Big Maceo - Chicago Breakdown
18. Memphis Slim - Pacemaker Boogie
19. Piano Red - Reds Boogie
20. Amos Milburn - Amos Boogie
21. Cecil Gant - Screwy Boogie
22. Camille Howard - Fire-Ball Boogie
23. Sammy Price - Eiffel Tower
24. Albert Ammons - Swanee River Boogie