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10 de nov. de 2018

Rolling Stone Magazine 100 Greatest Guitar Songs

Rolling Stone Magazine
Eu sou um fã de coletâneas... Sempre fui. Desde que comecei a escutar a música, sempre tive minhas fitas K7 gravadas com o nome "SONGS". A fita tinha que ser otimizada, pois dava muito trabalho selecionar as músicas, calcular o tempo, acertar a sequencia, escrever na capinha. Tenho seleções para tudo, e feitas por mim. Guardo as fitas K7 até hoje para mostrar a esta nova geração como era difícil ter uma boa coletânea, gravar, etc.

Mas o assunto aqui é esta excelente coletânea feita pela Revista Rolling Stone. Uma seleção dos melhores Riffs das canções de Rock. Muitas vezes, o Riff da música é tão marcante que nem nos lembramos do solo. A seguir os melhores, selecionados pela RS...

The 100 Greatest Guitar Songs

And the Songs:

"The new issue of Rolling Stone not only has a cover that features a who's who of six-string greats but also boasts the RS-curated list of the 100 Greatest Guitar Songs of All Time. Chuck Berry's 1958 dawn of rock classic "Johnny B. Goode" leads a list that includes legends like Hendrix, Clapton, Page and Santana. Click below to check out the complete list and to find out if your favorite jam made the cut."
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"This is what makes a great rock & roll guitar sound: an irresistible riff; a solo or jam that takes you higher every time you hear it; the final power chord that pins you to the wall and makes you hit “play” again and again. Every song here has those thrills. But these are rock’s greatest guitar moments because of what’s inside the notes: hunger, fury, despair and joy, often all at once. You hear the blues, gospel and rockabilly that came before, transormed by the need to say something new and loud, right away. Rock & roll has been the sound of independence for half a century. The guitar is still its essential, liberating voice. These are the 100 reasons why."

3 de dez. de 2016

Dynamic Hepnotics - Retro Rock

The Dynamic Hepnotics were an Australian soul, blues and funk band which formed in 1979 and disbanded in 1986. Mainstay, lead vocalist and front man, "Continental" Robert Susz formed the group in Sydney. They had chart success on the Australian Kent Music Report Singles Chart with a top 5 single, "Soul Kind of Feeling" in 1984. It was followed by "Gotta Be Wrong (Way to Love)" which reached the top 20 in 1985. Their album, Take You Higher, reached the top 20 on the related Albums Chart in June. In 1986, "Soul Kind of Feeling" won the APRA Music Award for 'Most Performed Australasian Popular Work'.

20 de nov. de 2016

Freddie King -

King's last Shelter album was his most elaborately produced, with occasional string arrangements and female backups vocals, although these didn't really detract from the net result. Boasting perhaps heavier rock elements than his other Shelter efforts, it was characteristically divided between blues standards (by the likes of Willie Dixon and Elmore James), Leon Russell tunes, and more R&B/soul-inclined material by the likes of Ray Charles and Percy Mayfield. It's been reissued, along with his other Shelter albums, on the King of the Blues anthology.

Backing Vocals – The O'Niell Twins
Bass – Carl Radle
Cover [Painting & Design] – Jim Franklin 
Drums – Chuck Blackwell, Jim Keltner
Engineer – John Fry, John LeMay
Guitar – Don Preston 
Guitar, Vocals – Freddie King
Mastered By – Wally Traugott
Photography By [Liner] – Les Blank
Piano, Organ – Rev. Patrick Henderson
Piano, Producer, Mixed By – Leon Russell

15 de nov. de 2016

Liquid Sound Company - Psych Rock

Liquid Sound Company are an American acid-psychedelic rock band, formed in the late 1990s.

Formed by John Perez in 1996, the group originates from Arlington, Texas. Perez has mainly been busy playing heavy doom with bands Solitude Aeturnus and Sorrows Path, adding to the band's lack of stability over the years as a steady, active band. Rockadelic Records released the debut album 'Exploring The Psychedelic' in 1996 where Perez is supported by Teri Pritchard (bass) and drummer Jason Spradlin. The band offers quite diversified songs with a pretty minimalistic sound but also features heavy fuzz guitars, oriental influences and hypnotic elements. They would release another effort in 2002 named 'Inside The Acid Temple' - this time with Moog support by new bass player David Fargason. The album was later re-released in 2005 by German Nasoni label on vinyl.

The group features psychedelic influences from west coast psychedelic to the heavier Hawkwind territory. Noting Dead Flowers and Agitation Free as influencing artists.

Liquid Sound Company seemed to have disbanded, but came back in 2011 with a new album 'Acid Music For Acid People' on Nasoni, made of studio outtakes and two extended live cuts. Liquid Sound Company was signed with Brainticket Records as of 2010.

The band members are, or have been:
John Perez, founder and lead guitarist
Jason Spradlin, drummer
Teri Pritchard, bassist
David Fargason, bassist
Alan Wise
Mark Cook

with the guest musicians:
Matt Miller,
Sylvia Perez.

along with various other collaborators, contacts listed are:
Chris Curylo,
Robert Lowe,
Solitude Aeturnus

13 de set. de 2016

2 Cellos

2Cellos (stylized 2CELLOS) is a Croatian cello duo, consisting of classically trained Luka Šulić and Stjepan Hauser. Signed to Sony Masterworks since 2011, they released three albums and play mainly instrumental arrangements of well-known pop and rock songs. The duo perform internationally and have been featured on several US TV shows including Glee and The Bachelor.

6 de ago. de 2016

39 Clocks

Psychedelic group from Hannover, Germany. Formed in 1977 under the name Killing Rats, split after an appearance at "Psychotic Splash Festival" in Hannover (18 June 1983). Briefly reformed for a comeback album in 1987.

23 de jun. de 2016

A.B. Skhy - Folk Psychedelic Blues Rock

A.B. Skhy (originally New Blues) was an American electric blues band from Milwaukee formed in 1968. They recorded two albums before splitting up in the early 1970s. Formed in Milwaukee in the late 1960s as New Blues, the band comprised Dennis Geyer (guitar, vocals), Jim Marcotte (bass guitar), Terry Anderson (drums), and Howard Wales (keyboards). Wales had previously played with artists such as James Brown and Freddie King. They relocated to San Francisco and changed the band name to A.B. Skhy, building a following with live performances. They were signed by MGM Records and worked with producer Richard Delvy on their self-titled debut album, released in 1969. The album featured contributions from guitarist Russell DaShiell, harmonica player Jim Liban, and flautist Otis Hale and spawned the single "Camel Back", which reached number 100 on the Billboard Hot 100. The group then split, with Andersen and Wales leaving, the latter going on to play with Harvey Mandel, Jerry Garcia, and The Grateful Dead. Geyer and Marcotte recruited drummer Rick Jaeger and guitarist James "Curley" Cooke (formerly of The Versitones and The Steve Miller Band), and the new lineup recorded a second album, Ramblin' On, in March 1970 with Kim Fowley and Michael Lloyd producing. The album included a mixture of cover versions and original songs by Cooke. A third album was started but the band split up before it was completed. Cooke went on to play in Cat and the Fiddle and with Boz Scaggs and Ben Sidran (who had played harpsichord on Ramblin' On), and released the solo album Gingerman in 1980. Jaeger joined DaShiell in Crowfoot and recorded with several artists as a session player.

17 de jun. de 2016

3 Dayz Whizkey - Southern / Blues Rock

After three critically acclaimed studio albums comes Live And Let Live the first live album by 3 Dayz Whizkey. Founded in the true spirit of Rock and Roll, this five-piece band has established their own distinctive sound, blending Blues and Rock with catchy songwriting and overdriven guitar riffs. A high-octane brew they've already performed at hundreds of energetic live shows, transforming every venue into a roadhouse. Warren Huart at Spitfire Studios, Los Angeles, utilizing only the finest of vintage analogue equipment, mixed the three studio bonus-tracks. Respecting the past while looking into the future, 3 Dayz Whizkey passionately bridge the gap between the old masters and Southern Blues-Rock for the next generation. Formed in 2012, 3 Dayz Whizkey soon developed into a Blues-driven Southern Rock band. Their debut album The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea was released that same year. The critically acclaimed follow-up Black Water came in 2013 and was nominated for the prestigious Preis der Deutschen Schallplattenkritik, a prize comparable to the Grammy Awards. The recognition allowed them to embark on a massive 70-day nationwide tour, which in turn reinforced their status as a top live act and lead to three national Rock and Pop Awards in the category Best Rhythm and Blues Band. Throughout 2014 the band kept on touring on a near-permanent basis, playing venues, festivals, and sharing the stage with the likes of Henrik Freischlader, Pat Travers, Saxon, Michael Schenker, King King, to name but a handful. They did however take time off to record Steam. Their third album, a 17-track Blues-Rock monument, was recorded in true 70s fashion, live in the studio with hardly any overdubs nor technical trickery. An organic blend of Rock, Southern Rock, and Blues, this was a giant leap forward in the career of 3 Dayz Whiskey, earning them yet another German Rock and Pop Award, followed by a tour which ran all the way into 2015.

8 de jun. de 2016

Spids Nøgenhat - Psychedelic rock

Spids Nøgenhat é uma banda psicodélica/acid rock dinamarquesa. O grupo foi formado originalmente como um projeto paralelo em 1998 por Henrik ”Hobbitten” Klitstrøm,  Morten ”Aron” Larsen e Lorenzo Woodrose. A banda lançou um álbum em 2001 e, em seguida, entrou em hibernação. Em 2009 a banda foi restaurado com Anders ”Moody Guru” Skjødt og Anders ”Fuzz Daddy” Grøn.

5 de jun. de 2016

A Witness - Post-Punk/Indie Rock

A Witness are an English post-punk/indie rock band who were originally active in the mid-1980s alternative music scene. Their first EP Loudhailer Songs and début album I am John's Pancreas brought them to the attention of BBC Radio disc jockey John Peel, for whom they recorded four sessions. Their career was brought to a halt with the death of guitarist Rick Aitken in 1989. Founder member and songwriter Vince Hunt revived the band with a new line-up for a series of UK-wide dates in 2014 marking the 25th anniversary of Aitken's death, and the band continues to play live.

6 de mai. de 2016

Psychotic Aztecs

The Psychotic Aztecs are without doubt the brain child of Tito Larriua as he produced and wrote all the songs. Tito has several albums with his group "Tito and Tarnatula" and his mark is all over this CD. Tito, who hails from Ciudad Juarez and grew up in El Paso, Texas, sings songs of the border experience. Tito, who is now part of the LA scene has been recording for years and has even done some acting. He has worked with Robert Rodriquez of "El Mariachi" fame and even had a bit part in the movie. The soundtrack to the film "EL Mariachi" contain three tracks by "Tito and Tarantula", including the cool tracks for the wild bar fight scene. This is an album that hits you for it's grittyness and pure old time rock and roll with a twist, very twisted. Some songs are reminiscent of the early work of the "Doors" complete with haunting lyrics, great guitar riffs and sudden drops and crescendos in the rhythms that set a chaotic then peaceful mood."Salmame" is a sort of Norteno-Punk tune that is rapid fire to mid-tempo to rapid fire music with superb guitar work. "Puro" is a song that tells a tale of the border clashes complete with reference to LA Migra and his joy in being "puro Mexicano y que no me voy". The music for the most part is a sort of dark, rhythmn and blues mixture of modern songs of the Southwest. "Bella Marruilla" is a number that slowly builds up to a masterful blending of guitar riffs that have you wondering where the song is going. Enjoy the ride as Tito takes you along for a desert ride, on a horse in search of the elusive wonders of life. This song would fit well as a backdrop for a movie, trippy stuff. The landscapes are yours to paint as there are no lyrics to this instrumental song, just beautiful music. "Agente Secreto" sounds an awful lot to me like "Secret Agent Man" of pop fame years ago only in Spanish . The "Psychotic Aztecs" are Tito, lead vocals and guitar, Steven Medina, guitar, John Avila, bass and vocals and Johnny "Vatos" Hernandez on drums and percussion. A very good CD that will get a lot of play once you get it. It takes several listens to understand their sound but make no doubt these guys are uniquely talented. This is about as uncommercial as it gets, raw, southwest music in search of a soul in the desert.

3 de mai. de 2016

Diesel Therapy - UK Folk Rock

Diesel Therapy is a four piece band from the North East of England. You would somehow expect a band that has the initials DT to be into alcohol fuelled, happy-go-lucky, timeless, noisy, bar room filled, leather clad, rock and roll but, actually, they are something of a laid back country band. They can surprise though. They can rock and roll if and whenever they want to, and they can even do a little bit of Little Feat if they choose – all that neat, syncopated shuffle, Southern Country rock charm; Diesel Therapy can do more than the obvious.

30 de abr. de 2016

The Cyborgs - ROCK di ITALIA...

Eles vêm de 2110, em uma tentativa de mudar o destino do nosso futuro (e seu presente) tentando manter vivo o blues, caso contrário, destinado a desaparecer do planeta Terra. Banda de dois homens, The Cyborgs é uma das últimas novidades interessantes do underground italiano, e eles estão conseguindo conquistar um grande público, graças ao álbum de estréia, TheCyborgs (INRI). Ambos os membros da banda se vestem de preto e tem os rostos cobertos com máscaras para soldadores: a voz da banda - Cyborg 0 - canta através de um microfone ligado ao interior da máscara e toca guitarra, enquanto Cyborg 1 lida com a seção rítmica tocando bateria e teclado. Mas ninguém sabe quem eles são...

18 de abr. de 2016

A Perfect Circle - Alternative Rock

A Perfect Circle é um supergrupo de rock alternativo, formado pelo guitarrista Billy Howerdel e o vocalista da banda Tool, Maynard James Keenan. Durante a gravação do álbum Ænima do Tool Billy mostrou suas canção para o vocalista da banda, Maynard James Keenan, que logo se ofereceu como vocalista caso Howerdel viesse a formar uma banda. A banda lançou três álbuns, Mer de Noms, Thirteenth Step e eMOTIVe, e um conjunto de CD/DVD, aMotion, este contendo treze videoclipes, além de um número de remixes de algumas músicas criados por Danny Lohner e outros artistas. Em 2004, a banda entrou em hiato, e desde então os membros da banda têm trabalhado em outros projetos. Em setembro de 2008, Keenan anunciou em entrevistas que ele e Howerdel vinham trabalhando em material novo, terminando oficialmente o hiato do grupo. No entanto, a banda só se tornou realmente ativa cerca de dois anos depois, em setembro de 2010, quando a banda anunciou turnê e o lançamento de novas músicas que podem ou não ser sob a forma de um novo álbum. Em 27 de outubro de 2010, a banda fez sua primeira aparição na televisão desde o hiato no Jimmy Kimmel Live!. Em 2011 fez uma turnê norte-americana, passando em 24 cidades. Em Abril do mesmo anos a banda postou em seu Twitter que estava trabalhando em novas músicas. Em 29 de Junho de 2011 o grupo lançou uma nova música chamada By and Down. Em outubro de 2012 confirmou duas apresentações na América do Sul, no festival Lollapalooza, no Brasil e no Chile. O grupo se apresentou no Brasil dia 30 de Março de 2013. E em outubro Josh Freese anunciou em seu Twitter que deixou a banda, sem nenhuma intenção de retornar...

12 de abr. de 2016

Phantom Freak - Surf Mood Rock

AllMusic Review by Hal Horowitz 

This rather shadowy figure -- the CD's only picture of him is bathed in darkness -- was once lead guitarist for the deliciously named Dutch group the Treble Spankers who, the publicity notes state, were one of Europe's most popular surf bands. Phantom Frank's debut solo release uses that genre as a starting point, but veers into other styles during its nearly one hour playing time. Frank -- whose last name is nowhere to be found -- plays all the instruments in a tour de force performance that never drags. Although it might grab at retro straws, it is never stuffy, musty or predictable. A few mostly female vocals punctuate the instrumentals as the musician tears from the Dick Dale-styled intensity of "Punjabi" to the cha cha, Spaghetti Western twang of "Vermona" -- one of three extra tracks added for the album's U.S. release. The recording, mixing, and production, also all done by Frank, perfectly capture the often spooky ambiance, especially on Ennio Morricone-inspired tracks such as "Kapuna" with tape delay echo hovering over the track. "Fata Morgana" displays Frank's talents on the lap steel, an instrument perfect for this style. He flies to Hawaii for further lap steel adventures on "Dusseldorf HBF." A Middle Eastern vibe saturates "Darshan," which brings even more international intrigue with an accordion adding flavor. "Condition Black" brings an ominous vibes and a thudding, sparse drumbeat to the table, creating one of the album's most eerie, disconcerting, and atmospheric tunes. Most impressive is that this set doesn't have the insular feel of a one-man recording. The songs are spacious, open and never overly busy. Frank overdubs himself as he finds the sweet spot in these 17 short yet never abbreviated and perfectly imagined tracks, which are not just for the surf inclined.