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17 de out. de 2012

VdGG "live in Concert at Metropolis Studios,London"

Hoje não vou estragar o presente, veio pra nós, receba quem quiser curtir, valeu ZM como sempre, show!!!!!!!!!!


Mais um presentinho procê e pros amigos do SM.
Por enquanto apenas o VdGG.
O outro é trabalho para um fim-de-semana todo...


On the evening of December 18, 2010, 120 lucky Van Der Graaf Generator fans braved a blizzard to travel to Metropolis Studios, West London, to take in a rare UK appearance by Peter Hammill, Hugh Banton and Guy Evans.

Among the most revered of the progressive rock groups to evolve in England during the late 60s and early 70s, VDGG performed songs from all stages of their career in an intimate atmosphere that was captured in a manner unlikely ever to be achieved again.

The DVD also includes revealing interviews with all three band members.
This double-CD is mine and I'd ripped it for my friend Dead or Alive and his great blog "Som Mutante".

Feel free to share it on the web.

Support the great Mr Peter Hammill and the VdGG fellows:
If you liked this preview, buy the original album. It comes with a live-DVD!
October 2012, and the world does not ended yet...

Peter Hammill – Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards
Hugh Banton – Keyboards, Organ, Bass
Guy Evans – Drums

01. Interference Patterns

02. Nutter Alert

03. Your Time Starts Now

04. Lemmings

05. Lifetime

06. Bunsho

07. Childlike Faith


01. Mr. Sands

02. Over The Hill

03. We Are Not Here

04. Man-Erg

Enjoy!!!!!!!!!! ok or Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Obs: E caso tenham gostado muito deste CD duplo, seguem os links para baixar

3 x 185MB + 1 x 11 MB

Part 01
Part 02
Part 03
Part 04