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12 de mar. de 2015

Snakeye - Canada Rock

Formed under the leadership of Barkhouse ( Langley Beach Crowd) in 1971 with White ( Pepper Tree), Argent (Pepper Tree) and Umphrie (Melody Fair).This line-up recorded Keith Jollimore produced "Blue Feelin'" album which was recorded at Toronto's Thunder Sound but not released until 1975. Barkhouse co-wrote all songs with various members and wrote all the lyrics himself. In 1973 "Choked Up" single was released on United Artists with horn section added to it where the album version had not. Over the next few years several personnel changes occurred . Umphrie was replaced by Gordon Tucker (Double Blind) for a time but later returned. In June of 1974 Brown (Juckatar) and Upshaw (Dogrib) replaced White and Argent. When Umphrie left for a second time in 1975 he was replaced by Russell (Shawnasae, Melody Fair). MacKinnon (Sun Machine) joined in 1976 on keyboards replacing Brown. In July 1976 Upshaw left and joined the Halifax Police Department. He was replaced by John Lake (Sandy Road). Lake had to leave the band because of personal commitments and was replaced by Torreson (Taboo) until his return. When MacKinnon returned to Sun Machine, Amherst guitarist Moore (McCreek) was brought in as his replacement. 

The Barkhouse produced "Shape Up Or Ship Out" was recorded at Solar Audio between March and September of 1979 and released the following year. Lake, Torreson and Moore all played on the album. Two songs "Believe Me Lady" and "See The Sun" that were on the first album were re-recorded for this album. Again, all songs were band originals. The band toured Quebec, Ontario and the Atlantic Provinces several times before they broke up in 1982.  Barkhouse relocated to Toronto for several years before returning to Halifax in the mid 90's and reunited with Lake to form Barkhouse, Lake and Cook. In 1999 he brought back the name Snakeye when Cook was replaced by former Minglewood Band bassist Donnie Hann. Upshaw was one of the founding members of the police rock and roll band "Blue Thunder" which has recorded an album and made several videos urging young people not to use drugs, to stay in school and not to drink and drive. 

Written from conversations with: Jim Rice, Richard Bonner and Cedric Upshaw.


01. See The Sun
02. Blue Feelin’
03. Choked Up
04. Something To Believe In
05. I’m Coming Home
06. Woman in Love Is A Woman Insane
07. Someone
08. Believe Me Lady
09. I Can Stand
10. Boogaty Shoot