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10 de nov. de 2012

Haken "Aquarius"

Grande Dead

Tudo certo?

Veja se encontra algo desta banda :

Achei com muito potencial, quero sua opinião.


Claudio Natal

Já disse ou meus amigos me amam ou tem raiva de mim, Cláudio num tenho culpa de nosso time tá nessa draga desgraçada, num judia de mim,rs

Mas qdo chega algo assim já sei, vai ser difícil achar, nem todos vão gostar e quem sabe até eu odeie, mas e a curiosidade que matou o lobo?

Claro que era madrugada qdo achei o que queria, um link que prestasse, prq os links da net tão caindo num velocidade e o que está sendo o u ficando postado são de péssima qualidade.

Por isso dá trabalho, qqr buscador me dá um link mas e a qualidade?

O Le Orme com o BMS é um bootleg mesmo, mas tamo providenciando os cds e os dvds, aí o pau come na caverna, mas achar mais do Prog Exibition é uma mágica, ache quem quiser ou tente e me diga se to mentindo.

Mas tá aí com um review que ainda diz que os caras são cópia do Dream Theater?

E o DT qdo saiu era cópia sei lá de quem e assim vai, ah que torração de saco, baixe e tire suas próprias conclusões.

Valeu Cláudio como sempre, e assim que possível vou atualizando as idéias que chegam.
Reviewed by on February 19, 2011

Okay, so your band is extremely talented and can play circles around many musicians twice your age.

You can write music that’s beyond human in its complexity and has god-like arrangements. But so what?

Is all the talent in the world worth anything when you cannot write a single original riff or come up with even one unique idea?

This question is applied to everything related to Haken and the band’s debut album “Aquarius.”

Despite being one of the most musically gifted acts in progressive metal, Haken is the best example of creative plagiarism out there today.

Every single melody, solo, and passage featured on “Aquarius” can be traced back to a specific moment in the career of progressive metal luminaries Dream Theater and results in one incredibly redundant record.
It’s tragic how awful this album really is, taking into consideration the talents of each band member, but if you have ever heard any album from Dream Theater then the material presented here will serve as a lackluster déjà vu. Right in the first few seconds of the opening track, “The Point Of No Return,” you are immediately treated to keyboard passages that Jordan Rudess has already written and performed over ten years ago.

It even goes far, far beyond the keyboards. Everything from the drum patterns, chord progressions, vocal lines, and instrument solos are taken right off of already existing Dream Theater tracks. At times you can even name whichever song Haken are ripping off of with accuracy, it really is that blatant.

The only new element Haken introduces to Dream Theater’s sound is the slight nuances of deathcore and to answer your immediate question; no – it does not work at all.

The best example of this failure and by far the worst song on the entire album, comes in the form of “Streams;” a pop friendly number written for those with aspirations of becoming a fish. The song begins with a catchy piano section that also seems extremely familiar, although this time the idea is not stolen from the above mentioned act.

With the song “Streams,” Haken has managed to rip off another musical powerhouse in Vanessa Carlton. Okay; that last part was sarcasm, but listen to the opening of “Streams” and then listen to Carlton’s “A Thousand Miles.” It’s almost the exact same part.
Are you laughing yet? Yes? Well, it gets worse.

Not even one full minute into the song and the beyond cheesy lyrics and vocal melodies come through and turn the album into a full blown episode of Blues Clues.

After a solid five or six minutes of the "swim with the fishes" theme, the band breaks out the big guns with a slow, off-beat deathcore breakdown complete with growls that were obviously created using in-studio effects.

As the album progresses - or maybe a better word would be regresses - nothing ever changes and the music remains incredibly dull and stale. Even the impressive technical guitar work from John Petrucci, I mean Charlie Griffiths, gets old really fast and by the time the record comes to a stop it is nearly forgettable how talented this young band really is.
I’m actually amazed that Haken hasn’t been sued by Dream Theater yet, but maybe the recent departure of Mike Portnoy might explain that away easily.

Regardless, “Aquarius” is an album packed to the rim with incredible musicianship of which every idea was copied and pasted from various moments of other people’s careers.

The only thing left to do is wait for the next album from England’s Haken and see which route the band chooses to take.
Aquarius" track listing:
1. The Point of No Return (11:27)
2. Streams (10:14)
3. Aquarium (10:40)
4. Eternal Rain (6:43)
5. Drowning In the Flood (9:28)
6. Sun (7:19)
7. Celestial Elixir(16:56)

"Mano Dead

Acabei de subir, aproveitem enquanto estão "fresquinhos"...

2008 - Demo

2011 - Vision

Um abraço!
Elric, the viking! "

Obs: Um presente pra todos , grato Elric sempre......