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7 de abr. de 2014

Book of Hours – King Crimson and Van Der Graaf Generator according to Book of Hours

A 2-track Ep, where the band honour two of their major inspiration sources. Two great cover version of KING CRIMSON & VAN DER GRAAF GENERATOR.

 (EP) (2003) [MP3]

Book Of Hours biography

Hailing from Sweden, the embryo of 'Book Of Hours' was formulated back in 1994, when multi-instrumentalist Mattias Reinholdsson and Henrik Johansson (bass, vocals) met at Stockholm University, where they compiled an Iron Maiden tribute album, 'Food For Thought'.

At the time of writing, the completed band line-up includes Anni Thulin (vocals) and Jonas Hansson (guitar), who compliment the two founding members.

This belies the fact that in common with many young bands of such longevity, the band have suffered from a revolving door syndrome of personnel, which have included Per Broddesson (guitars), Mikael Zell (guitars) and Stephan Zell (bass, vocals) who eventually formed Wolverine together.
The consequence has been the band's output during the past decade had been restricted to only three releases.

The first, 1998's Anekdoten & Landberk influenced four track demo entitled 'We Find Your Lack Of Faith

Disturbing', an overt dig at the band's beliefs in how commercialism is poisoning the music industry, was quickly followed by their only full studio release, 'Art To The Blind'.

The release however was not without its problems.

The permanent departure of their vocalist, Stephan Zell, preceded record label difficulties regarding promotional releases, and eventually Per's departure to form Wolverine.

With original cover artwork by the band however, 'Art To The Blind' certainly demonstrates technical accomplishment as they forged a heavy progressive sound with frequently changing time signatures and a distorted bass rhythms which would please King Crimson fans.
'Transmissions', 2003's eventual follow-up, was once more a 4 track, 22 minute EP, fronted by the tonally mellower female vocals of Anni Thulin. 

Without a record deal, the self-released EP nevertheless contains four eclectic tracks, which continue in the same vein from their previous work. 

Work had started on a full studio release follow up in the autumn of 2003, with the rather apt working title of 'About Time', for which three tracks had been completed, one of which 'Submergency', found its way onto the band's web site.

Frustratingly scant and fractured, Book Of Hour's discography is nevertheless a welcome addition to the Heavy Prog genre, as the album reviews will attest, and beside the above, obvious influences, their music will also be of interest for fans of heavy prog which has a slightly dark, eclectic, artistic feel.
Line-up / Musicians

- Per Broddesson / guitars
- Henrik Johansson / drums,keyboards,recorder
- Andreas Runeson / vocals
- Ulf Nygers / keyboars
- Mattias Reinholdsson / bass


Singles/EPs/Fan Club/Promo

1. One more red nightmare
2. Scorched earth