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7 de jun. de 2009

WAR - Deliver the Word - 1973

War, originally called Eric Burdon & War and often typeset as WAR, is an American funk band from California, known for the hit songs "Low Rider", "Spill the Wine", "The Cisco Kid" and "Why Can't We Be Friends?". Formed in 1969, War was a musical crossover band which fused elements of rock, funk, jazz, Latin music, R&B, and reggae. The band also transcended racial and cultural barriers with a multi-ethnic line-up. The band has sold over 50 million records to date. Although War's lyrics are often socio-political in nature, their music usually had a laid-back, California funk vibe. The music has been sampled and recorded by many singers and groups, ranging from R&B/pop singers such as Janet Jackson to nu metal band Korn and hip-hop groups like TLC.
The next album, the slightly less gritty Deliver The Word (1973), contained the hits "Gypsy Man," and a re-recording of "Me And Baby Brother", which peaked at number 8 and number 15, respectively, on the Billboard chart. This album proved a real challenge for the band since the pressure of their previous hits and a lack of focus made concentration difficult. Despite these conditions, the album went on to sell nearly two million copies. It was 1975 when the Why Can't We Be Friends? album was released. It included "Low Rider", the universal lowrider anthem, and the satirical title track, a half-joking but irresistibly soulful tune that both praised and poked fun at overly-positive utopian funk songs.
With the band having become a huge commercial success, messing with formulas was definitely not on the agenda. So pretty much everything here is a retread. Probably the best-known song here is the hit single "Gypsy Man," which starts and ends with excessively long jams, and depends on some earnestly strummed guitars and an attention-grabbing descending hook. It's decent but not a breakthrough.

The real high point is actually the jaunty, Family Stone-like sing-along "Me And Big Brother," which also was a Top 40 hit. "Southern Part Of Texas" serves up the same brand of burbling enthusiasm, but it's aimless, and the blues-based vocal part is kind of dull. The rest is similarly uneven, with a shimmering, atmospheric instrumental ("H2 Overture," complete with strings), a fun but lightweight funk number ("In Your Eyes"), and a creaking, plodding harmonica/sax blues instrumental ("Blisters"). Meanwhile, Jordan testifies mightily on the slick, melodramatic, eight-minute title track.
But like the record in general, it just doesn't add up to much. (JA)
Sandro Alberto - Guitar, vocals (1996-1998)
James "Zota" Baker - Guitar, vocals (1998-2002)
Kerry Campbell- Saxophone (1993-1996)
JB Eckl - Guitar, vocals (1994-1996)
Charles Green - Flute, saxophone (1993-1995)
Ricky Green - Bass, vocals (1984-1989)
Ronnie Hammon - Drums, percussion (1979-1996)
Fernando Harkles - Saxophone (1996-Present)
Kenny Hudson - Percussion (1997-1998)
Mitch Kashmar - Vocals, harmonica (2006-Present)
Richard Marcos - Drums, percussion (1996-1997)
Tetsuya "Tex" Nakamura - Harmonica, vocals (1993-2006)
Luther Rabb - Bass, vocals (1979-1984)
Marcos Reyes - Percussion (1998-Present)
Pat Rizzo - Flute, Saxophone, vocals (1979-1983)
Sal Rodriguez - Drums, Percussion, vocals (1990-1991, 1992-1996, 1997-Present)
Alice "Tweed" Smith - vocals(1979-1981)
Francisco "Pancho" Tomaselli - Bass, vocals(2003-Present)
Rae Valentine - Percussion, Keyboards, vocals(1993-2001)
Stewart Ziff - Guitar, vocals (2002-Present)

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